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You Need a Side Hustle!

We are now living in an age where you can’t just simply “make a living” at your day job. You must create your own stream(s) of income.

Vanessa Hinojosa
3 min readMar 15, 2022


Back in the day, people could have entry-level jobs and still afford a roof over their head. After a while, you could only afford a home if you worked a blue-collar career. Then, the bar was raised to white-collar.

Let’s be honest. Not everyone can achieve that white-collar standard. It’s not easy. We were told to do well in school to get into a good college or university. Then, we were told to study hard to have a white-collar job. So we spend our 3rd decade of life studying and testing and practicing to get that white-collar career.

Then things changed again. I know of at least a few people in the white-collar world. In today’s economy, they make pretty good money… until they get married or obtain dependents. A single person with no dependents can afford to eat out every day, take care of their car when they need to, pay their bills, take vacations, etc.

Once they become financially responsible for someone else, it gets complicated. Again, what we were raised to believe does not work in this day and age. Now, you need both parents (or spouses) to work white-collar jobs in order to afford groceries, bills, a decently sized home in a nice neighborhood, entertainment, vacations, etc.

With that being said, let me give you a bit of background. I’m a stay-at-home mom by choice. My husband and I agreed that homeschooling would be best for our older son. (For now.) Soon after that decision was made, Covid hit and we were all told to stay at home starting Spring Break 2019 until further notice. After monitoring the local school districts, local Covid stats, and outbreaks and school closures…. Well, it may have affected our decision about letting our son back into school any time soon. So, I’m currently homeschooling my preteen and caring for my toddler while my husband works at high-stress white-collar job.

If your family is like ours, then you need a side hustle.

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