The Surefire Way to 100+ Followers

AKA: How to Stay in Medium’s Partner Program

I’m sure that many of us felt pained the moment Medium released its new policy for the partner program. Especially those of us whom, at that moment, had under five followers. I then realized just how important it is to have somewhat of a social media following. That’s when I had the idea to get more involved.

Honestly, I had never cared about having a following. I just wanted people to read and appreciate my writing. Unfortunately, those two go hand in hand because, in order for people to even notice what I publish, I would need to make it known to the masses. That aside, if I want to be paid for what I write, I would need to have people taking the time to read my stuff. (I know you all know how it works. Just let me finish.)

It started with a Facebook page and lots of hashtags per post. After a year or two (I honestly cannot remember) I have less than 80 followers. Whoopee. When I started on Medium in 2018, I had one or two followers. In just one week, I’m at 13 followers. 10+ followers in one week! That’s HUGE for me! Anyway, let’s continue.

Before, I was just sharing my stories on Facebook and getting anywhere from 1 to 10+ views. If I was lucky, I got a few reads, but at least half of my stories were dead. Now, I’m more involved. If I want to continue getting paid [pennies on the dollar] for what I write, I need to essentially recruit followers. It started with a Tweet filled with hashtags in order to reach fellow Medium writers. It worked! I reached one person, but it worked! They followed me and I followed back.

Then, I found a story someone wrote about how negatively they feel about the program prerequisites change on here. So I commented and followed. Lo and behold, I received a couple of follows because of that! So I made it a point to raid through Twitter using “#medium” and going to people’s Medium profiles and following. They all followed back!!! And I know the whole “follow4follow" thing is so stupid, but it works!!! If you need more follows to make it to 100+, do it.

You know the K.I.S.S. method? Keep It Stupid Simple! This doesn’t have to be hard. It’s a little annoying, sure, but in the end, you’ll have your 100+ followers and people noticing your writing. Hell, if they thought the story was good, they may even share it and you’ll get more reads!

So, to review:

  • “Follow4follow". Check out some of the free stories and follow people. Maybe they’ll follow you back, maybe not. It’s worth a shot and you have nothing to lose by doing this.
  • Search “#Medium" on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. (Let’s go ahead and throw in TikTok because you never know.) Find more Medium writers to follow.
  • Share, share, share!!! Share what you write to your loved ones, in an online group, etc. You can even fill your post with hashtags on every social media account you have and share it into the void, publically.

I wish you the best! Now go out there and make yourself known!




Picture a world where there's always action, drama, a musical sequence, and an ending that's either really good or really bad. That's every day of my life.

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Vanessa Hinojosa

Vanessa Hinojosa

Picture a world where there's always action, drama, a musical sequence, and an ending that's either really good or really bad. That's every day of my life.

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