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So yeah. I forgot to mention I had published something on Amazon KDP a few months ago.

Note: There may be affiliate links.

To be honest, I figured I would just publish it and leave it alone to see what would happen.

What I failed to realize is that, in order to make sales, I have to promote my product.

By the way, if ever you’d like to publish anything in KDP, be sure to promote your product. It doesn’t matter how dumb you think it is, because someone else may just be enamored with your product.

So a few months ago, I wanted to try publishing a low content product. In roughly an hour, I created a journal. Something simple that many people need and use. I go by that motto used in the movie, Robots,: “See a need, fill a need.”

I had kept a diary throughout middle and homeschool because I thought it made me cool. After about a decade after high school, I flipped through my diaries. A lot of my social decisions were not well thought out. Whether I was trying to impress a boy or a group of friends or gain pity, they were spontaneous decisions that made me look foolish. Knowing what I know now, I could have thought things through a bit better.

Truthfully, I knew what I should have done each time. However, I was caught between wanting to be alone and wanting to be wanted.

I am SO glad I still have these diaries! They give me great insight to help me raise my kids to make better decisions. I still keep a diary now, but for multiple reasons.

Why Keep a Diary or Journal?

  1. This is actually a great way to chronicle your life’s journey! Imagine that you want to read your life as a book later on in life. What better way to relive your best and worst moments than with a journal?
  2. Accuracy. Have you ever been so petty as to bring up the past, mid-argument? Journaling helps. You have the dates and documentation that tell who was there, what went down, the reason, and where this happened.
  3. By journaling, you can learn from your past mistakes. History has a habit of repeating itself. Don’t do the same.
  4. Did you know that journaling actually helps you deal with emotions. It’s as if you unload on paper (or a digital file) and you feel relieved; healed, even.

So why am I bringing this up? Because I want to see if my journal will actually sell. (Haha!) No, seriously.

If you’d like to know how to publish via KDP (Amazon), let me know in the comments. If I get enough comments asking about this process, I’ll write about it. However, I’ll be releasing that exclusively to my subscribers.

Thanks for reading! And go here to check out my journal.



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Vanessa Hinojosa

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