One Sale Can Change Your Life!

Vanessa Hinojosa
3 min readNov 3, 2023
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I’m honestly so sick of those viral videos that claim you can make thousands of dollars by the end of the week.

It’s a con. We know this. So let’s just ignore it and move on… right?

No. Not really.

See spreading misinformation is just plain wrong and if you’re caught doing so, you can get into some MAJOR legal trouble. So why are they doing it?

First off, they have hundreds of thousands of followers! How they got there, I’ll never know. Anyway, this all means that they’ve earned the title Influencer. Which means… yes. They can INFLUENCE a crowd to do something like… buy an item, take a course, do a challenge, watch a movie, or even protest.

So naturally, influencers have the “street cred” to apply to influencer programs that pay them thousands of dollars a week. It’s insane! Then those influencers turn around and say the average Joe can do the absolute same, no questions asked. It’s simply not true.

So how do you make a living online without all of that cool stuff? Simple. You start at the bottom.

If you don’t know my story on here, let me tell you.

I started with ZERO followers almost 5 years ago. I wrote a few stories, no one read them, and I quit. I left Medium alone until 2021. Then I started writing and got a few followers over the course of one summer. Then one story went VIRAL.

All I did was write a NON-MONITIZED story about how to get 100+ followers and I ended up getting about 400 followers within 2 months! At this point in time, I have 1.5K followers!

Can I apply to an influencer program? No. Not quite. That’s not how it works. They want viral videos out there, not blog posts. (Well that’s just fabulous.)

Either way, you want to know how ONE sale can change your life. I want you to do something for me first. Please go to my Beacons page and add me on EVERY SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM!!! (I post more frequently on my socials than I do here.)

How can ONE SALE change YOUR life? Watch this video.

What I’m talking about in this video is a 15-day course that will teach you how to build your first online business. It costs $7 (about the price of a tall “BucksStar” coffee… or less) and it includes freebies like video scripts, ad videos, promotional content, and more! You get your own business advisor to help you develop a business plan. (My guy was so cool and helpful throughout each of our meetings! He broke things down to where even my tween could understand it all!)

Unfortunately, this opportunity is only available to those in the U.S., but what if I told you I have another opportunity available for almost everyone all over the world? Not only that, but this particular opportunity has over 80 PRODUCTS TO SELL even though you’re only advertising ONE.

Yes. It is VERY possible to make money online.

Yes. It is VERY possible to get a high-ticket sale when you yourself have not entered into a high-ticket program.

So how do you start?

First, go to my Beacons and follow me on:

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Next, go HERE to my website and get signed up to get emails from me. (They’re free.)

Finally, whitelist, and be on the lookout for emails from me!

I can’t wait to see you there, guys! It’s gonna be awesome!!!



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