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Get Paid for Converting Readers to Medium Members

I honestly don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this before!

I wrote an article last year with a very stupid idea that actually worked! I wish I’d charged for that article, because to this day people are still reading and responding to it. That’s money I’m missing out on.

However, I’ve kept that article free to read to help others achieve that blessed milestone of 100 followers. So far, I think it’s working for them. They’re using a simple yet effective method and they’re gaining new followers every day to qualify for the Medium Partner Program. Now, I have about 1,239 followers as of June 7, 2022. I also have 15 subscribers. That’s fine for me because from those 15, my articles get shared with others. I also share my articles on a Facebook page and a Twitter page that I have in order to try and boost my views and (hopefully) reading time.

With that being said, I’ve never tried doing an article about converting readers into being referred members. So I’ve finally decided to stop and ask myself a profound question: What if I could implement the “follow-for-follow” method in order to gain referred members?

Mind you, I fully understand that many people won’t be willing to pay 50 USD a year, let alone 5 USD a month. However, if you think about it… for that low price, you get to read an unlimited amount of articles. Oh! As for your writing, you would then have access to creating your own publications. IT’S GENIUS!!!

So, yes. I say let’s try this again, but with referred memberships. Let’s all become members by paying it forward to our fellow writers. Especially if you enjoy what someone in the Medium community publishes. We’ve done “follow4follow,” so now let’s “pay it forward.” All you have to do is:

  1. Go to the Medium profile page of whichever writer you choose.
  2. In the address bar, type “/membership” at the end of the profile page address, then hit Enter. (For example, mine is so I added “/membership” to make it
  3. Click or tap on “Become a member” to decide on a plan.
  4. Pay upfront and submit.

Bingo! You instantly become a full-fledged Medium member and you’re supporting your fellow writer!

That’s my challenge to you. Also, if you see that I’ve become your referred member, that’s my signal to you to pay it forward as well. Much love to you all and please be kind to one another! Let’s see just how far we can take this.



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